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Focusing on the work that grows YOUR business, not ours

We don't offer witty commentary on LinkedIn, or spend time monitoring who's who in the industry, fancying up the website, posting photos on social media, playing golf with the UNFI buyer...because that's time away from the work you're paying for. 

We are seasoned industry veterans who bring a degree of  no-nonsense wisdom, insight, and integrity to the tasks at hand. There are countless options  available for natural products consulting, all with varying philosophies and agendas. Many tend to mirror the national broker model, quietly piling on new brands to cover their overhead, while diluting focus on your brand in the process.  At RML, our selective process in partnering with growing brands ensures we are working with no more than a small handful at any given time. Over time, the patterns leading to both success and failure have become clear to us, and we strive to bring this insight to every brand we're working with. We encourage you to explore the many options available to find a fit that is right for you;  then talk with us to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and how our 20+ years of experience  can help you make sense of your data and achieve your goals.

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