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With the increasing  volume and sophistication of data now available through key retailers and distributors, it’s essential that growing companies are not only utilizing these great tools, but applying them intelligently, transforming raw data of different formats into UNIFORM reports with actionable insights. Many brokers can now provide this to some degree- if you can afford their retainer.


Access to one or all of the these sources is key to learning not only where your brand(s) are placed, but what your movement looks like- both of which can be real eye openers. Wondering why you just autoshipped 150+ stores nationally but aren't seeing the sales? Your answer can be found in minutes using one or more of these reports. We have the depth of knowledge and experience to analyze and effectively utilize these reports.  One tool we’ve develop is a  broker "scorecard". Based on this data, which has become a highly effective management tool for clearly defining broker goals and measuring progress.   


With SPINS category data, the "dead wood" report we've developed is also a well-received tool for buyers and brokers. This report outlines all items that are underperforming category growth. We often see miles of shelf space consumed by slower moving items of both small and large brands- having the data to show their actual movement is a great start to weeding them out and finding shelf space for your brand.



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