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Many young, growing companies value corporate culture above all else. Creating a culture that nurtures talent and promotes high-performing employees can be a very effective means of growing your brand while establishing loyalty from your team.  In many cases bringing in an outsider, either full-time or outsourced, can be disruptive or even counter-productive to this process if the individual doesn't "fit in".   But the idea of placing your sales effort in the hands of a loyal, well-meaning yet inexperienced team member may also give you pause.


We get it.


Drawing on our years of experience in the Trade, we can serve as your "wingman" in many different capacities, working side by side with your team and teaching them how to become effective managers. Some of the areas we can provide guidance include:


  • broker selection and management on all levels

  • retailer & distributor portal analysis

  • retailer presentations and pitches

  • distributor key account lists

  • distributor issues & logistics

  • ghost writing on all levels

  • utilizing best practices from well-known successful brands

  • ...and so much more


A seasoned wingman can be an invaluable resource, enabling you to focus on growing your brand while navigating clear of  the many minefields in your path. 





Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.

                                       - Thomas Edison

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