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When most companies get to the point of needing help with their sales effort, it's glaringly obvious. Given that you've discovered RML, let's assume you're past that realization, and are now contemplating the nature of the help you need.

Here are some "back of the envelope" numbers to consider:


One Fulltime, Experienced Regional Manager:
















National or Regional Contract Sales Management:














plus travel expenses, which are generally shared among multiple clients, and
will vary depending on your budget, but factor in about $1,500/month


* to these numbers you might add a bonus or commission to give the outsourced sales manager an
added incentive for performance. At RML we generally negotiate a commission structure after 6 months.


** Some sales management companies mayb charge you for all expenses, including phone calls and
photocopies. At RML we consider these to be administrative costs which are not passed on to the client.


Remember these are "back of the envelope" numbers, but should give you a fairly
accurate picture of your options and their aproximate costs.


You may find that you need contracted sales help as an interim solution until you're able to assemble a full-time sales staff. Or, you may find that you're so happy with the arrangement you'd like to transition them to full-time, or even have them assist in building your sales organization. The key is to find a fit that's right for your company; maybe that's RML, or maybe one of our associates or competitors; but finding that fit will provide you with a valuable resource not only for the duration of your formal agreement, but for years to come. At  RML it is our goal to build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

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